This Pendent Heart cover by Mangaka chan

This Pendent Heart, [Chapter of Duck,] is a light-novel written by LunaSphere and illustrated by Mangaka-chan. In 2010 it was published and sold in hard copy. However, the digital version can still be found here and here.

This Pendent Heart: Summery

"When the story ends, almost everyone in Goldcrown Town forgets that their lives had once been turned upside down by a story, that there had ever been a girl named Duck at all. But when Duck herself begins to forget, Fakir finds himself forced to write a story that costs him dearly."

This Pendent Heart takes place a short while after the events of Season Two. Through flawless writing and illustrations that seem to have been lifted from the anime itself, LunaSphere and Mangaka-chan completely recapture the world from which the audience was so abruptly taken when Duck again returned to her bird-like form. Each chapter begins with the traditional "Once Upon a Time..." that all the viewers are so familiar with, and the two creators bring back all of the old, beloved characters and develop them still further, just as a Third Season ought to. Autor, Rue, Mytho, Fakir and Duck herself return for one last extraordinary adventure.

The situations within the book are not contrived, but seem to organically grow from the plot that already existed, and the conclusion is sure to leave the reader not only satisfied, but certain that This Pendent Heart is in fact the only acceptable conclusion to the beautiful and wonderful epic that is Princess Tutu. 

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