The Prince and the Raven
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Name The Prince and the Raven
owner The Library

The Prince and the Raven was the last story Drosselmeyer was working on before his death. It tells the story of a Prince who vanquishes a crafty Raven, but the story was left unfinished. The title characters escaped from the book into Gold Crown Town and continued their battle. It ended when the Prince used forbidden magic to seal the Raven away and shattered his own heart.

As the series progresses, two more characters from the story are revealed; Princess Tutu herself, and the Prince's Knight, reincarnated as Fakir. Tutu was fated to vanish as a speck of light the moment she confessed her love for the Prince. Meanwhile, the Knight was torn in two by the Raven without landing even a single blow.


Prince Siegfried: The primary protagonist of the story.

The Monster Raven: The primary antagonist of the story.

The Knight (Lohengrin): While his death is often addressed in the anime, the Knight's life is shrouded in mystery and speculation. Even his name is only referenced once, in relation to his sword. Fakir calls it "Lohengrin's Sword."

The King and Queen: We can assume that Siegfried's parents were alive at some point within the story, as Siegfried is a Prince and not a King in his own right.

A Mysterious Storyteller: During Episode 5, a copy of The Prince and the Raven falls open on the ground, revealing an illustration of a mysterious old man telling a young Prince Siegfried the fairytale of Princess Tutu.

Princess Tutu: A character who, in Episode 12 of the anime, is described as “only presented in a few sentences. A miserable existence which none of the characters of the story wanted to take on. An insignificant existence which even the story left by the wayside. Someone who could never hope to catch the Prince’s eye. A little added flourish. Poor thing!” This statement is confirmed later when Princess Tutu is described as someone “about whom only a little was actually written.”


  • A reconstruction of The Prince and the Raven, based on information within the Princess Tutu anime and manga, can be found here.