Shogo Koumoto (河本 昇悟 Kōmoto Shōgo) was a series director, storyboard artist, and episode director for the Princess Tutu anime.


Episodes DirectedEdit


"So, we're doing Tutu next."

I suppose it's about three years ago now that Director Sato said those words to me.

It was pure, classic Director Sato not to ask me, "Won't you work on it with me?"

And thus I was "dragged into" Tutu, without being given any choice. With no idea that a fearsome and infinite ballet hell was ready and waiting for me… If I had said "No, I don't want to" back then, I probably wouldn’t be as I am now, doing checks on all the cuts that have to do with ballet, carrying Frequent Shopper cards to ballet shops, and all the rest.

Here's what was written on a concept memo from that time:

The Black Prince (afterwards Fakir)

  • overly opinionated, prone to wild fancies
  • the things he says sound dubious
  • the first person to ever seriously listen to his crazy stories was Duck

Fakir's character was already complete, wasn't it?

I laughed a little reading it.

Er, well, I guess we'll leave my talk about ballet and me for another opportunity. Please keep on supporting Tutu to the end!

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