Name Raven
Kanji 大鴉
Anime Debut Episode 14
Japanese Voice Takayuki Sugou
English Voice Mike Kleinhenz

The Raven (大鴉 Ōgarasu?) is the mysteroius antagonist of Drosselmeyer's story The Prince and the Raven and Mytho's dark persona, because Mytho shattered his heart in order to seal up the Raven, who then requires the sacrifice of young, beautiful hearts in order to eat them and regain his form.

He stole Rue from her parents as a child, raising her as his daughter, Princess Kraehe. He orders Kraehe to corrupt Mytho with raven's blood, and is cruel and abusive to her. Eventually, when Rue's love for the Prince enables him to break free from the tainted heart shard, Mytho rescues Rue and together they defeat the Raven with a final blow.

The Raven does not appear in the manga, but is briefly mentioned by Edel.

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