in the manga verison of princess tutu

In the manga, Princess Tutu and Kraehe become good friends in the end. For some odd reason, the Anime one is different that the Manga one. Here. Read what the said :

Tutu : Kraehe, why do you continue to torment me?

Krahe : Because Mytho loves you and not me! But Mytho will be mine!

Tutu : Everyone has somebody that will love them. So wait for your true love.

Kraehe : I have been waiting!

(Kraehe shoots crow's feathers at Tutu)

Tutu : Kraehe, we can get along! For Mytho! Please!

(Kraahe stops dancing and stares at Tutu)

Kraehe : I've been so cruel to you. Why would you want to be friends with me?

Tutu : So we can end this war between us.

(Kraehe walks slowly toward Tutu, while she gets ready to hug her. Tutu wraps her arms around Kraehe's waist)

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