Prince's Sword
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Fakir wielding the Prince's Sword.
Name Prince's Sword
owner Mytho

The Prince's Sword was a weapon that originally belonged to Mytho. It was the sword he used to pierce his heart when he sealed away the Raven.

The sword first appeared in the series in Akt 8, when Fakir found it in an underground tomb. He planned to use it to shatter Mytho's heart again, but he was stopped by Princess Tutu. Mytho kept the sword after that, and it appeared again in Akt 13, when Mytho was under Princess Kraehe's spell. Fakir broke the blade in two with the Lohengrin Sword to prevent Mytho from shattering the Heart Shard of love. The two halves became a pair of white swans that flew away.

The sword was not seen again until Akt 25, after Mytho had regained all the pieces of his heart and was prepared the fight the Raven again. The two white swans returned and came together to form the sword, with no sign that it had ever been broken.

Trivia Edit

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