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Name Mytho
Kanji ジークフリート王子
Age 14
Gender Male
Eyes Hazel
Hair White
Alternate Forms Prince
Professional Status
Affiliation Princess Tutu
Previous Affiliation Fakir
Occupation Student
Partner Rue
Personal Status
Status Alive
Alias The Prince
First Appearance
Anime Debut The Duck and the Prince
Japanese Voice Naoki Yanagi
English Voice Jay Hickman

Mytho is Prince Siegfried from the story, The Prince and The Raven, written by Drosselmeyer, who shattered his heart in order to defeat the Raven.


Once a noble and kind fairytale prince, he lived to protect the weak and the needy. His heart was shattered to seal the monster Raven away. Now a talented and popular student at Gold Crown Academy, he possesses no emotions, nor memories of his past life, and is largely dependent on Fakir for his well-being. When Drosselmeyer decides to use Duck to become Princess Tutu, she gathers the lost heart shards of Mytho's heart and returns them. Meanwhile, Rue's alter ego emerges from her and becomes Princess Kraehe , trying to possess him for herself. When she soaks Mytho's heart shard of love in the Raven's blood and when the shard is returned by Princess Tutu, Mytho struggles to free himself from the blood and then transforms to a crow later. Rue then reveals her feelings to him saying the words, "I love you!" and he becomes restored to a human. The last shard of his heart, which was Princess Tutu's pendant, is returned to him and he becomes Prince Siegfried again, defeating the Raven and asks Rue's hand in marriage before he returns to the story.


Mytho is utterly emotionless at the beginning of the series so he seems unable to think for himself and listens to almost anything told to him. With the help of Princess Tutu returning his heart, he begins to develop emotions and slowly returns to the way he was long ago. It begins with negative heart shards only to get positive towards the finish. As Prince Siegfried, he is very brave and noble but as the Prince of Crows, he is deceitful and coarse towards others, even Fakir and Rue.



Mytho as Prince Siegfried.

Mytho is a young man with silver-white hair and large amber eyes. He mostly wearing Gold Crown Academy's uniform but in other times, he wears only a loose white long sleeve button shirt from his school uniform when staying inside their dorms along with Fakir. At ballet class Mytho wears a white short-sleeved shirt, black pants, white stockings, and white ballet slippers. While having the Raven's blood flowing inside him, his outfit as the Prince of Crows is a black outfit and with wings on his arms that becomes gray. When he becomes a raven then returning to his human form after hearing Rue's voice and fighting against the Raven, Mytho wears his white long sleeve openly button shirt, pants and shoes from his school uniform and wields a sword.

Later on when his heart became fully restored in episode 25 and as Prince Siegfied, he wears a gold crown on his head and a long-sleeved royal blue tunic with gold lining designs, a collar designed with long white feathers, and an iris blue chemise worn underneath. Mytho also wears a white hose, a white cape, and white ballet slippers.


Duck/Princess Tutu: Duck is one of his many admirers. Mytho does not notice her at first, but eventually grows to think of her as a friend as he regains his heart. Princess Tutu, on the other hand, becomes someone Mytho both longs for and fears for reasons he doesn't understand.

Rue/Princess Kraehe: Rue has been in love with Mytho since she was a little girl, but though he treated her kindly, he could not return her love without his emotions. The two appear as a couple at first, but only out of Rue telling Mytho to be hers. When he is corrupted by the Raven's blood, he treats Rue and Kraehe with scorn and mocks her constantly. However, when Mytho regains his past identity and Rue shows her willingness to sacrifice herself for his sake, he realizes that Rue is his true love, and makes her his princess.

Fakir: Fakir is Mytho's roommate, guardian, and protector. The majority of what Mytho does is under Fakir's orders. If he is not obedient, Fakir will punish Mytho and certain times the punishment can get physical. It is unknown why Fakir tends to scold Mytho in the beginning of the anime. It seems that Fakir was cold and ruthless towards Mytho. However, deep down, Mytho is one of the few people that Fakir shows his gentle side to. Fakir does care deeply for the prince and is willing to do everything in his powers to protect Mytho.


  • His true name, Siegfried, is the name of the prince who fell in love with Odette in Swan Lake.
  • His common name, Mytho, may refer the term Mythos which is the set of rules that govern the universe in which a story is placed.


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