Gold Crown Town is the main setting of the story.
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Gold Crown Town

It is a place where stories and reality intermingle, and is surrounded on all sides by a large wall with fives gates. The most notable location within the town is Gold Crown Academy, the school that most of the cast attends. No one can leave or get into the town because it's only for the story. Fakir controls everything that happens there by writing stories. The Book Men tried cutting of his hands, but Princess Tutu protected him. Drosselmeyer also somewhat controls what happens in the town from his grave. 

Duck once tried to run out of the town but couldn't because of the walls. You can't go over of dig under. There is truly no way out or in.

The name of the town is first mentioned in the episode The Forgotten Story, said by Raetsel.


  • The town in the series is based on Nordlingen, a German town. It shares the walls and a number of landmarks which are seen during the series.
    • Another anime, Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, also uses this town as base setting.