Name Autor
Anime Debut The Spinners
Japanese Voice Yuu Urata
English Voice Adam Conlon

Autor (あおとあ Aotoa) is a somewhat snobbish music student at Gold Crown Academy. 

Autor makes several minor appearances in the second season, and is officially introduced in Akt 21.

Personality Edit

Autor is somewhat snobbish and is well known for his ability to set short-tempered Fakir off. He is obsessed with Drosselmeyer and his powers, even to the point of creating almost an exact replica of Drosselmeyer's study. After realizing that Fakir is a descendant of Drosselmeyer, he starts taking an interest in him, encouraging him to use the writing abilities he inherited from Drosselmeyer. When it is discovered that Fakir has powers almost as strong as that of Drosselmyer's, Autor becomes jealous for his involvment in the story when it was Autor himself who encouraged him to write. It is then revealed that Autor thought that he thought that he was the one to take Fakir's role in story-writing

In Akt 22, Rue seduces Autor in order to feed his heart to her father. However, Autor professes his love for her, which casts doubt on her father's words that no one but he and the prince could love her. Conflicted, Rue lets Autor go.

Autor does not appear in the manga.

Voiced by: Yuu Urata (Japanese), Adam Conlon (English)


  • The word "Autor" is German for "author."

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