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Name Anteaterina
Kanji アリクイ美
Anime Debut Heart Shard
Japanese Voice Akemi Kanda

Anteaterina is a female anteater and a ballet student at Gold Crown Academy. She appeared in Akt 2 and was the first person Duck found who possessed one of the prince's Heart Shards.

Anteaterina's dancing was driven by the feeling of bitter disappointment, the emotion embodied by the Heart Shard. She became this way when she asked Rue how she could dance as wonderfully as her, and Rue told her that such a thing was impossible. Ever since then, Anteaterina was obsessed with being better than Rue, to the point that she tried to steal Mytho from her and outdo her in a dance-off.

When her plans failed, Anteaterina was crushed and broke up with Mytho. Duck followed her and saw that she had one of the prince's Heart Shards. When Princess Tutu appeared, Anteaterina refused to give up the shard and fought back by dancing. Tutu, however, was able to soothe her enough to dance with her, and help her find her own way of dancing, thus freeing her from the shard's influence.


  • In Japanese, Anteaterina's name is "Arikuimi" (アリクイ美). It is spelled as "arikui", the word for anteater, and "mi", a common suffix used by female given names.

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