Although My Love Is Small~ Princess Tutu04:50

Although My Love Is Small~ Princess Tutu

The song of the ending of Princess Tutu is sung by Ritsuko Okazaki.

About the AuthorEdit


Ritsuko Okazaki was born in Hashima Island, Nagasaki Prefecture on 29 December 1959. During her childhood, she was forced by her mother to use her right hand, as she was born left-handed. However, after hearing that it was bad to force her to use her right hand, her mother quickly advised her to use her natural hand. During her school days, she spent time in the bakery where she worked part time, and practiced with her band, Eleanor. She was then in charge of the chorus and piano.

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Okazaki made her debut as a singer-songwriter in 1993. During the nineties, she continued singing and also wrote songs for various voice actors. As she became more involved with anime she composed songs for Wedding Peach, Fruits Basket, Symphonic Rain, Love Hina, and Princess Tutu. She formed the duo, Melocure in 2002 with singer-songwriter Megumi Hinata.

In the following two years, the duo released several singles and an album, Melodic Hard Cure. Okazaki also produced songs during these years for artists such as Megumi Hayashibara, Mayumi Iizuka, and Yui Horie. According to her fans, the lyrics of Okazaki's songs are characterized by poetic imagery, depth of emotion, gentle optimism and simplicity.


She was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2003 but still continued with her work. During this time there was little information released about her. On May 5, 2004, Ritsuko Okazaki died suddenly at the age of 44 from septic shock. She was unable to speak any last words, and left her work unfinished. The news was revealed to the public in the liner notes of the CD soundtrack re-release of the visual novel Symphonic Rain, which was released a year after her death.


Yume miru you ni koi o shita no Fukuramu kokoro ga fukuramu no yo

Ikiterutte suteki na koto to omotta Asu ga machi dooshii

Anata no chikara ni naritai no Donna toki ni mo watashi

Matte matte kurenai Hashitte hashitte iku no yo

Kaze mo amagumo mo oikoshite Watashi dake no tsubasa habataite

Yozora no mukou ni nani ga aru no Konya mo ii yume miteru kashira

Sono toki nagareboshi kirari hikatta Negaigoto wa hitotsu

Kurushiku demo ureshiku naru no Dare ka o omou kimochi

Motto motto shiritai Mayotte mayotte yuku no yo

Asu no yuku saki oikakete Watashi dake no tsubasa habataite

Tobira no mukou ni nani ga aru no Kowai wa demo aketemiru no yo

Nakushita no nara sagashi ni ikoutte Watashi wa omou no

Moshi mo subete ushinau koto ni Narou to mo kamawanai

Datte datte shiawase yo Tooku chikaku mitsumeteru

Koko ni iru aishiteru Watashi dake no tsubasa habataite

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