Ahiru Arima


Ahiru Arima





Japanese Voice

Nanae Katou

English Voice

Luci Christian


Once, when Ahiru was still a duck, she spotted Mytho dancing and wanted to join him.Because of her desire, Drosselmeyer gave her a pendant that would transform her into a young preteen girl. With this pendant, she would be able to help put a smile Mytho's face. Unknown to her, Drosselmeyer did not do this purely out of kindness. He did this in order to help his story along.


Even as a human, Ahiru still retains most of her duck qualities. She is awkward, talkative, and excitable as well as clumsy. She also has a tendency to bring herself down by reminding herself that she "is just a duck." Despite this, she is very kind hearted, and will do anything to help anyone.


Ahiru has strawberry blonde hair in a braid with a strand of hair sticking up. She has expressive, icy blue eyes. She is almost always smiling. She is mainly seen in her school uniform or as Princess Tutu. She wears her pendant at all times.

As Princess Tutu, she wears a light pink, strapless, and backless tutu. From the skirt sticks out two green, wing-like decorations, as well as four long strings that resemble tails. She has a puff on each arm and wears a more decorative form of her pendant around her neck. Her hair appears shorter with a feather headpiece and a golden crown on her head.


Mytho: In the beginning, Ahiru sees Mytho dancing and is in awe of his gracefulness yet confused by his emotionlessness. This prompts her desire to make him smile as well as to dance. Throughout both the anime and manga she has a crush on him and tries her hardest to get his heart back, although she admits to Fakir that she is unsure of why she likes Mytho, that it was at first her "just thinking he was handsome" and then deciding to become Princess Tutu and return his heart out of pity due to the lonely look in his eyes. However, she can never mention her feelings to Mytho or she will "turn into a speck of light and vanish." Although, her feelings for Mytho only exist because that is the role Princess Tutu was assigned. It is implied that Mytho might have had slight feelings for Princess Tutu, but not for Ahiru herself.

Fakir: At first, Fakir appears to dislike Ahiru, especially when she begins to form a friendship of sorts with Mytho, quite possibly out of jealousy. In the episode "Dreaming Aurora", Fakir quickly volunteers to dance the Pas de Deux on stage with Ahiru in Mytho's place, disregarding Rue's suggestion. He continues to try to stop her whenever she tries to recover Mytho's hearts shards, but Ahiru never has negative feelings towards him, though she is intimidated by him at times. Near the end, Fakir feelings for Ahiru become more obvious. After Fakir figures out that Ahiru is Princess Tutu and confronts her about it, she begins to exhibit feelings for him that are genuine, unlike the feelings she has for Mytho which are simply due to Drosselmeyer's story. His feelings are revealed when he initiates an intimate dance in the Lake of Despair with Ahiru and promises to stay by her side forever.

Rue: The relationship between Ahiru and Rue is very complicated. Ahiru looks up to and admires Rue for her talent in dancing, yet is slightly jealous of her relationship with Mytho. At the same time, she believes that they belong together because she could never be more than "just a duck." Despite Rue's interference with the recovery of Mytho's heart shards, Ahiru holds no ill feelings towards her. In the manga, they continue to vie for Mytho's affections.

Drosselmeyer: Drosselmeyer is the man who, after hearing her lamentations and desires, gives Ahiru the ability to change into a human and Princess Tutu. He stays mainly in a strange sort of space apart from everyone else. He has said that if he stays too long in the human world, his age will catch up to him. He is sort of helper for Ahiru, though he is not above making her doubt herself. Drosselmeyer is the true antagonist of the story.

Edel: Edel is a life sized puppet that gives Ahiru very cryptic advice. She appears at random times but has a habit of somehow helping Ahiru. During the first seaon finale, she sacrifices herself in order to provide Ahiru and Fakir a guiding light, asking only a pas de deux in return. Afterwards, her ashes are turned into a toddler like doll named Uzura by Charon, Mytho and Fakir's adopted father. In the manga, she is a human shopkeeper who encourages both Ahiru and Rue.

Pike (Mai) and Lillie (Yuma): Pike and Lillie are Ahiru's best friends. They both enjoy seeing Ahiru when distressed, because they find it  funny and adorable. Pike is an outspoken tomboy while Lillie is a romantic girly girl.


  • In Japanese, Ahiru means duck.
  • In the manga, Ahiru is not a duck
  • The fictional city which Princess Tutu takes place in is actually based off of the real German city Nördlingen.
  • By the end of the anime, she is in love with Fakir.

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